Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Welcome to my madness!

So in a fit of madness I have finally succumbed to vomiting out my thoughts and casting them upon that limitless sea of inequity also know as "da Interknet"*. In the hopes that someone will find this useful (yes I realize that's doubtful, but bear with me, OK), I'll actually try and confine my remarks to the trials and tribulations of designing and implementing a cross platform C++ framework, as opposed to vapid navel gazing and wondering why my facial creams no longer make me look young anymore. I will occasionally rant, bitch, and generally whine about the current pathetic state of both software in general and the crummy tools we so often use to build it with. In addition, I reserve the right to poke merciless fun at, in no particular order, Unix, X, C++, Bjarne Stroustrup and the C++ committee, Microsoft, the GPL, Richard Stallman and his merry band of goobers at the FSF, make, .Net, and various other technologies du jour that seep out of Redmond. Those easily offended should go home and cry to Mommy, I will not be providing snotrags here.

Of course the framework itself has mostly been written at this point, and has been around for a bit over 6 and a half years now (hard to believe at this point!). So many of the posts, or at least the early ones, will be somewhat retrospective - describing what I've already done, as opposed to what I'm planing or would like to do.

Finally, I'd like to dedicate my Oscar nomination to Monica Bellucci, whose help as a, oh sorry, wrong speech...

*Quick - Ditka verus da Interknet? Ditka by tree! Nothing like a useless SNL reference to lighten the days load.